Sunday, October 21, 2007

i got my first tattoo in memory of my Grandma Marlene Wilhelm

the words say in loving memory of marlene wilhelm.

i got an apartment an carma and the kids came to visit me on saturday

i havent blogged in a long time so i thought that i would put some pictures up. a couple weeks ago i got an apartment with my best friend carlie and yesterday i had carma isaac and morgan over for a tour and visit.
look at how big morgans getting and how tall isaac is getting. hes only 3 and almost as tall as me. morgan is getting lighter hair and little more chubbier. she is so adorable and she likes to smile. you can see her birth mark on her forehead just like i had when i was little.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

lil morgan...about 7 days old

this is little morgan 7 days old. she is sooo adorable and tini....i love her to death and shes gonna be spoiled by me. when i was over there on monday isaac was farming with doug so he didnt get back til around 9 and he didnt even pay much attention to morgan once he saw me. he was happy to see me and carma had said "i bet isaacs going to say 'look at my baby morgan courtney.'" surprisingly he didnt he was excited to see me. morgan, i think looks just like isaac when he was a newborn.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

pics of shelby

ok so since my mom and i have digital cameras shelby thought itd be good for us to take pictures.. ok so i officially dislike her now haha (not rele)...she is so photogenic all the pics turned out good and my senior ones didnt (okay so 1 of them did) here are some of the ok ones thats i kno she wont use..... she thinks i should go into the business..hmmm its an idea...

hiking pics

so on tuesday or wednesday i forgot the we my dad and brothers, terry, lawanna shelby and cory went on a 6 miles its was awesome.. 3 miles up a mountain and 3 back down i thought i would never make it but surprisingly i did and i wasnt even sore the next couple days. i slept awesome that night tho... im for sure doing it next year again cuz that was the best exercise EVER!!! what a beautiful hike and few...but we didnt see any bears :(

we believe one of the christian camps did this(below) if u cant read what it says it says "WE ARE THE CHOSEN OF THE LORD" with the rocks shaping a heart

More pictures